Julia Vinha

Julia Vinha

I specialize in makeup for photography, video/film, and bridal makeup. I have been hired by companies including Ancestry, Blue Diamond, Almond Breeze, Borboleta Beauty, and Uptown Cheapskate. I’ve worked on several films in Utah, and have travelled to San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and even Toronto for my clients.

When I moved to Utah, back in 2013, I began taking makeup classes. I am trained in special effects, theater and beauty makeup. I started working for MAC Cosmetics in 2014 and became certified by MAC in Advanced 1 Makeup Application and as a Product Specialist. In 2015 I won a Best of Thumbtack award for the makeup reviews I got doing freelance makeup.

I received my Master Aesthetics License from The National Institute of Medical Aesthetics (NIMA) in South Jordan, Utah in 2016.

I have met the most amazing people in my years doing makeup. I love being a part of important moments in people’s lives. I love being able to use my artistry skills to make people feel confident.

I am passionate about creating beautiful work with my clients.